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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

$0.66 per bp for Synthetic Genes - Cloning via Email

Cloning used to be straight benchwork, involving planning, repetitive
digestion, purification, ligation, transformation, screening, and
confirmation. This tedious process can now be bypassed by simply
emailing the sequence of your gene of interest to a precise and reliable
contractor, cloning by email to Gen Script!

Free up your valuable time and energy to invest in more creative tasks.
Send us the sequence of your gene and you will receive it in any vector
in as little as 12 business days.

Our advanced gene synthesis technology applies to all our gene
manipulation services:
1) Mutagenesis - for as little as $295 per mutation
2) Construction of mutant libraries
3) Construction of targeting vectors (knockout/knockin) - for as little
as $2,800 per construct

Gen Script Corporation - VWR Strategic Partner

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