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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Biology Dictionary in PDF

One of the best Biology Dictionary


Freezing and Thawing Cultured Cells


From Allan Bradley's Lab, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston


Freezing and Thawing Eukaryotic Cells

From Dr. Bart Frank Library, Arthritis and Immunology Program, OMRF


Freezing and Thawing of Mammalian Cell Lines


From The University of Texas at Austin


Freezing cells in liquid nitrogen

For T25 Flask

  1. Take off supernatant
  2. Trypsinization with 1ml 0.25% EDTA
  3. Give a hard Shock to the flask to remove all attached cells
  4. Add 10ml Media +10%FCS
  5. Pipette up and down to distribute cells throughout media (i.e. not clumped together)
  6. Add resuspended cells to sterile universal tube 
  7. Spin down 1500rpm, 3 mins
  8. Take off media
  9. Resuspend pellet in 2ml FCS +10%DMSO
  10. Distribute in 500ul aliquots (0.5 to 2 Million cells/ml)
  11. Move cells to -80oC overnight in Mr. frosty box (filled with ethenol)
  12. Finally freeze cells in liquid N2


  1. Warm DMEM in waterbath
  2. Thaw cryovial at 37oC quickly until cells become molten.

Aliquot the 1ml of cells using a disposable pipette into 10ml fresh media in a TC flask

Cell Thawing/Freezing Protocol

From University of Chicago


Cryopreservation Manual (Nalge Nunc)



Cryogenic Preservation and Storage of Animal Cells



Tissue Culture - Storage of Cell Lines

From Hancock Laboratory Methods


THe Immune System

Science: analysis_of_genes_and_genomes (ebook-pdf)

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Bioinformatics: A Practical Guide to the Analysis of Genes and Proteins Andreas D. Baxevanis, B. F. Francis Ouellette

Bioinformatics: A Practical Guide to the Analysis of Genes and Proteins
Andreas D. Baxevanis, B. F. Francis Ouellette


Introductory Course in Immunology June 22 - 28, 2007

The American Association of Immunologists 2007 Introductory Course in Immunology June 22 - 28, 2007
The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Don’t miss the most comprehensive introduction to immunology available!

An intensive course taught by world-renowned teachers and researchers in immunology. This 37 ½ hour, two-part course provides a comprehensive overview of the basics of immunology for students new to the discipline or seeking more information to complement general biology or science training. Upon completion students will have the tools necessary to understand and discuss current topics and methods in immunology. Part I (June 23-25) is a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles of immunology and is suitable for students with a general biology background. Part II (June 26-28) is a lecture course covering major areas of immunology and will require an understanding of basic immunology. Parts I and II may be taken independently at the discretion of the student. Financial support for underrepresented minority scientists is available through the FASEB MARC program. Registration Deadline: June 1, 2007. Course Director: Terri M. Laufer, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Part I: June 22-25

· Terri M. Laufer, Univ. of Penn School of Med.
Welcome and introduction to the immune system
· Kathleen E. Sullivan, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Introduction to innate immunity
· Jennifer A. Punt, Haverford College Introduction to adaptive immunity
· Moshe J. Sadofsky, Albert Einstein College of Med. VDJ recombination
· John G. Monroe, Univ. of Penn School of Med.
B cell development
· Terri M. Laufer, Univ. of Penn School of Med. Introduction to the MHC

· Laurence C. Eisenlohr, Jefferson Medical College
Antigen processing and presentation
· Al Singer, NCI, NIH
T cell development
· John C. Cambier, National Jewish Center, Colorado
Univ. Health Science Center
Signaling in the immune system
· Laurence A. Turka, Univ. of Penn School of Med. Costimulation
· Michael P. Cancro, Univ. of Penn School of Med.
Lymphocyte homeostasis
· Marc K. Jenkins, Univ. of Minnesota, School of Med. The primary immune response: putting the pieces back together

Part II: June 26-28

· Andrew J. Caton, Wistar Institute
T and B cell tolerance
· Gail A. Bishop, Univ. of Iowa
Made for each other: T-B cell collaboration in the immune response
· Cathryn Nagler, Massachusetts General Hospital
Mucosal immunology
· Betty Diamond, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, North Shore-LIJ Health System
· Arnold I. Levinson, Univ. of Penn School of Med.
IgE –mediated hypersensitivity
· David Artis, Univ. of Penn School of Med.
Immunity to helminth parasites: new insights into the regulation of type 2 cytokine responses
· George S. Yap, Brown Univ.
Immunity to intracellular pathogens: a tale of hide and seek

· Joel D. Ernst, NYU School of Med.
Immunity to bacterial infections
· Barney S. Graham, NIAID, NIH
Immunization against viral diseases
· Wayne W. Hancock, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
· Jordan S. Orange, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Primary immunodeficiency
· Andy Hurwitz, LMI, CCR, NCI
Tumor immunology
· Hugh Auchincloss, NIAID, NIH
Current issues in immunology

FOR INFORMATION, COURSE OUTLINES, AND REGISTRATION, VISIT: For assistance in registering, contact or 301-634-7178. Financial support for underrepresented minority scientists is available through the FASEB MARC Program. Overseas applicants are advised to apply early for visas

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Cytokine Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology)

Series: Methods in Molecular Biology
Pub Date: October 2003
Pages: 248
ISBN: 0-89603-948-X
DOI: 10.1226/089603948X

Table of Contents

Large-Scale Generation of Plasmids that Express Type I Interferon
Peter Härle and Daniel J. J. Carr

Identification of trans-Acting Factors by Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay
Rebecca J. Chan, Min You, and Gen-Sheng Feng

Modulation of the Interferon-g Signal by Transfection of Cells with an
Antisense-RNA Expressing Vector
Leen Delrue and Marc De Ley

Competitive RT-PCR to Quantify Small Amounts of mRNA
Gabriela Aust

In Situ Hybridization for Cytokines in Human Tissue Biopsies
Emily Mathey, John Pollard, and Patricia Armati

Purification, Identification, and Synthesis of Chemokines
Patricia Menten, Anja Wuyts, and Jo Van Damme

Receptor Isolation and Characterization: From Protein to Gene
Daniela Novick and Menachem Rubinstein

Crystallization of Cytokine–Receptor Complexes
William J. Cook and Mark R. Walter

Biosensor Analysis of Receptor–Ligand Interactions
Sheng-Jiun Wu and Irwin Chaiken

Analysis of SH2 Ligands and Identification of Sites of Interaction
Manuel Baca

Assays for Antiviral Activity
Anthony Meager

Assays for Cytotoxicity
Anthony Meager

Assays for Chemotaxis
Anja Wuyts, Patricia Menten, Nancy Van Osselaer, and Jo Van Damme

In Vitro and In Vivo Assays for High-Molecular-Weight Pegylated Muteins of
Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor
James F. Eliason, Nadine Tare, Sharon Bowen, Tomoaki Inoue, and Ikuro Horii

Development of a Mammalian Tet-On Expression Cell Line: Glucosylceramide
Synthase Regulates TNF-a-Induced Apoptosis
Yong-Yu Liu and Myles C. Cabot

Immunohistochemical Detection of Cytokines in Human Tissue Sections
Sandra Hulshof, Danny F. Dukers, Wim Vos, and Corline J. A. De Groot

Detection of Cytokine- and Chemokine-Expressing Cells at the
Single Cell Level
Karin Loré and Jan Andersson

Detection of Cytokine Signal Transduction “Cross-Talk” in Leukocyte
Howard R. Petty

Assay System for the Effect of Prostaglandin E2 in the Determination of
Polarized Cytokine Production
Etsushi Kuroda and Uki Yamashita

Phospholipid Signaling Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, volume 105)

Phospholipid Signaling Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, volume 105)

Author: Bird, Ian

Publisher: Humana Press

Publication Date: 1998-06

Number Of Pages: 380

Average Amazon Rating:

Book Id 49833

Download Details:

Methods in Molecular Biology, vol.105


Password: econiches

Electro Microscopy Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  • Publisher: Humana Press

  • Number Of Pages: 283

  • Publication Date: 1999-04-15

  • Sales Rank: 1795694

  • ISBN / ASIN: 0896036405

  • EAN: 9780896036406

  • Binding: Plastic Comb

  • Manufacturer: Humana Press

  • Studio: Humana Press

Download Now


Introductory Plant Biology, By Kingsley R Stern, Jim Bidlack & Shelley

Introductory Plant Biology, By Kingsley R Stern, Jim Bidlack, Shelley
Jansky, Kingsley Stern,

* Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math

* Number Of Pages: 640

* Publication Date: 2003-04-23

* Sales Rank: 444653

* ISBN / ASIN: 0072930381

* EAN: 9780072930382

* Binding: Hardcover

* Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math

* Studio: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Password: econiches

Mathematical Biology by J.D. Murray

Mathematical Biology I, By J.D. Murray

* Publisher: Springer

* Number Of Pages: 584

* Publication Date: 2004-06-17


Rank: 137251

* ISBN / ASIN: 0387952233

* EAN: 9780387952239

* Binding: Hardcover

* Manufacturer: Springer

* Studio: Springe


pass: tFMATBIOI.rar

Calpain Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology)

Publisher: Humana Press
Number Of Pages: 360
Publication Date: 2000-02-21
Sales Rank: 2788803
ISBN / ASIN: 0896036324
EAN: 9780896036321
Binding: Hardcover
Manufacturer: Humana Press

Friday, 25 May 2007

Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer

The Inner Life of the Cell - from Harvard University

See How Cell works

Online Reference Library

xreferplus is a giant online reference library that provides you with access to 120 reference books from the world's leading reference publishers. xreferplus includes encyclopædias, dictionaries, thesauri and books of quotations, not to mention a range of subject-specific titles covering everything from art to accountancy and literature to law.


Thursday, 24 May 2007

Cell Biology Laboratory Protocols

Laboratory Manual is one of the best online lab manual available on web, written by William H. Heidcamp, Gustavus Adolphus College Saint Peter, Minnesota, USA.

* Table of contents are adopted from

Gene pridiction software sites

Translate DNA/RNA to Protein

New Page 1

Translation tool from ExPASy

Translate is a tool which allows the translation (6 frames) of a
nucleotide (DNA/RNA) sequence to a protein sequence.

Translate Now

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics provides a extensive online course for learning bioinformatics online.

Learn Bioinformatics online

Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics provides a extensive online course for learning bioinformatics online.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

List of companies selling Antibodies

New Page 1

  1. Imgenex

    - a leading provider of innovative research reagents
    to novel proteins and biomarkers. Their site
    includes award winning Google enhanced search
    functionally and a product specific Knowledgebase
    with answers to questions that researchers ask most.

  2. GeneTex

    - manufactures and distributes over 23,000 primary and secondary
    antibodies, cell/tissue lysates, DNA/RNA/oligos, IHC reagents
    and kits, isotype controls, proteins, peptides, research
    reagents, and serum products

  3. Abazyme - a
    variety of antibodies including anti-human cytokine
    and anti-human CD antigens antibodies

  4. AbCam - a large selection of
    antibodies available online and a search engine to other
    antibody companies. They are also a supplier of custom mouse and
    rat monoclonal antibodies and rabbit, chicken, mouse, rat sheep
    polyclonal antibodies with next-day delivery on most products.
    Finally, you can find antibody-specific FAQ's and customer

  5. AbD Serotec - over
    10,000 catalog antibodies

  6. Abgent

    - antibodies against
    cellular function/disease targets, protein modification enzymes,
    phosphorylated proteins, epitope tags, and components of key
    pathways for autophagy, cell signaling, cell cycle,
    neurodegeneration, and more

  7. AbKem - polyclonal
    antibodies for food and environmental contaminants, allergens,
    and growth promoters

  8. Abnova

  9. ABR - Affinity BioReagents
    - over 23,000 antibodies for 42 research areas including
    apoptosis, cancer biology, heat shock protein, infectious
    disease, ion transport, neurobiology, signal transduction,
    steroid receptor, and vision

  10. Absea Biotechnology
    - primary antibodies, secondary antibodies and paired antibodies

  11. Academy Biomed -
    antibodies to apolipoproteins

  12. Accurate Chemical and
    Scientific Corporation

  13. Acris - over
    10,000 monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies in a fully
    searchable database

  14. Actigen - makers of
    protein L, an affinity protein that binds to a wide range of

  15. Active Motif - kits
    and reagents for monitoring phosphorylation and other events
    that change the activation state of transcription factors,
    signalling proteins and receptors.

  16. Advanced Biotechnologies

    - supplier of
    monoclonal antibodies to the following viruses: HIV-1, SIV,
    HSV-1, HSV-2, CMV, EBV, VZV, HHV-6, HHV-7, HHV-8 and polyclonal
    antibodies to HIV-1, HTLV-1, HHV-8 vIL-6, and SIV

  17. Advanced Immunochemical,
    - antibodies, antigens, enzymes and purified proteins
    for the research and diagnostic marketplace with a speciality in
    cardiac markers

  18. Advanced Targeting Systems
    - an international supplier of neuroendocrine and neuroscience
    polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. ATS also provides agents
    for the targeting and elimination of specific cell types.

  19. Affibody - not
    antibodies, but small robust affinity ligands which can be
    designed to bind with specificity and selectivity to any protein
    target. Affibody® molecules are composed of 58 amino acids, of
    which 13 are randomized to form a variable binding surface.
    Affibody molecules with affinity for a particular target protein
    are selected from pools of billions of Affibody variants, all
    with a certain amino acid composition in the binding site.
    Anti-HER2, anti-HSA, anti-IgG, anti-IgE, anti-TNF-alpha, and
    anti-insulin Affibody® molecules are available.

  20. Affinity
    - A primary manufacturer of quality antibodies
    and plasmas for use in Hemostasis research, ABI currently
    manufactures one of the most complete antibody product lines in
    hemostasis and supplies diagnostic companies with antibodies and
    immune depleted plasmas used in the manufacturing of in vitro
    diagnostic products.

  21. Affinity Labeling
    Technologies, Inc.
    - novel, site specific nucleotide based
    photoaffinity reagents for labeling of antibodies

  22. Agdia - easy-to-use antibody
    based test kits, reagents and laboratory testing services to
    detect pathogens in vegetable, orchard, ornamental and field

  23. AgriSera - antibodies for
    plant, algal, and cyanobacterial antigens

  24. Alexis Biochemicals -
    antibodies for research in the areas of apoptosis, immunology
    and cancer research, neuroscience, nitric oxide pathway and
    oxidative stress, signal transduction and cell trafficking

  25. Alomone Labs

  26. Alpha Diagnostic International
    - custom peptides and antbodies. They also
    sell a unique collection of antibodies to receptors,
    transporters, neurobiologicals, and much more.

  27. AlphaGenix

  28. American Qualex -
    labeled primary and secondary antibodies in addition to
    antibodies for signal transduction

  29. American Research Products (ARP)
    - primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, conjugated
    antibodies, hybridoma cultures, and large selection of
    monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies in a fully searchable

  30. American Type Culture Collection
    - hybridoma cultures

  31. Anaspec - an
    international manufacturer of antibodies in the areas of
    apoptosis, cancer research, and signal transduction; and
    secondary antibodies.

  32. ANAWA Trading SA - custom
    antibody production and a large selection of antibodies

  33. Ancell - anti-CD antibodies
    and more

  34. AngioBio - provider of
    reagents for angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis research,
    including many antibodies

  35. Angio-Proteomie -
    provider of agonistic and antagonistic antibodies related to
    angiogenesis research

  36. Aniara- providers of
    Euroclone Elispot kits for human, murine, and rat
    research, including Euroclone Granzyme B Elispot Reagents.
    The kits are available for agarose or PVDF methods of assay
    and include all required reagents, a detailed manual, and a
    positive control protocol. Different formats are available
    (5, 10, 20 x 96 tests) as well as a selection of Elispot

  37. Anogen - antibodies to
    cytokines, viral proteins, tumor markers and growth factors;
    and custom monoclonal antibody services

  38. Antibodies Incorporated

  39. AntibodyBcn - an
    extensive catalogue of antibodies with focus on the Spanish and
    South American markets

  40. AntibodyShop -
    mannan-binding lectin and other complement factors, NGAL, and
    glucagon like peptide-1 monoclonal antibodies

  41. Antitope - offers
    services to assess the immunogenicity of biologics (EpiScreen
    technology) and engineer/humanize antibodies (Composite Human
    Antibody technology)

  42. Apotech - antibodies for
    apoptosis and inflammation research

  43. APTEC Diagnostics -
    polyclonal antibodies for use in quantitative turbidimetric and
    nephelometric determinations in human serum

  44. Aquatic Diagnostics
    - monoclonal antibodies for aquaculture. Antibodies to
    detect pathogens in fish and IgM in different fish species.

  45. Araclon Biotech -
    in English, Deutsche, Francais, and Italiano! Makers of 3
    polyclonal antibodies: AB1 recognizes both Ab40 and Ab42, AB2
    recognizes specifically Ab40, and AB3 recognizes specifically
    Ab42. They also make an ELISA kit to detect beta-amyloid protein
    in blood.

  46. Arista Biologicals
    - monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, and colloidal gold
    conjugates for fertility, infectious diseases, drugs of abuse,
    etc., as well as antigens for rapid diagnostic tests.

  47. Assay Designs -
    makers of unique antibodies and immunoassays to measure a wide
    spectrum of biologically interesting molecules

  48. Athens Research and
    - polyclonal sera to purified human proteins

  49. Atlas Antibodies -
    supplies HPA antibodies, developed and validated by the Swedish
    Human Protein Atlas (HPA) Program ( The
    antibodies are designed to have high specificity and to work in
    various application platforms.

  50. Autogen Bioclear -
    over 25,000 antibodies available online: apoptosis, cell
    signalling, neuroscience, and more; suitable for ELISA, WB,
    ChIP, IP, IF, IHC ( frozen and paraffin)

  51. Aventis Pasteur -
    makers of a wide variety of vaccines

  52. Aves Labs - specializing
    in chicken antibodies. They sell blocking reagents (BlokHen®)
    and reagents designed for immunoprecipitation (PrecipHen®) of
    chicken antibodies; a variety of enzyme- and fluorescence-tagged
    anti-chicken antibody reagents; and chicken antibodies against
    epitope tags such as c-myc, hemagglutinin, and FLAG.

  53. ACZON - monoclonal and
    polyclonal antibodies for flow cytometry, microscopy, and other
    immunological techniques

  54. Babraham Technix

  55. Bachem

  56. Beckman Coulter -
    monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to human and animal

  57. BD Biosciences - a
    segment of Becton, Dickinson and Company. Product lines include:
    flow cytometers, cell imaging systems, monoclonal antibodies,
    research reagents, diagnostic assays, and tools to help grow
    tissue and cells.

  58. Bethyl Laboratories primary
    and secondary antibodies to human, rodent and domestic animal
    serum proteins, affinity purified and conjugated, epitope tags,
    ELISA kits

  59. (The) Binding Site -
    reagents for use in the investigation of human and veterinary

  60. BioCare Medical - provider
    of innovative IHC and histology products such as primary
    antibodies, special stains, double stains, reagents, chromogens,
    hematoxylins & eosin, detection systems, and equipment.

  61. BioCore - over 4,000
    research products for the Australian and New Zealand research
    community. Products include antibodies, immunoassay kits,
    extraction/purification kits, and detection kits.

  62. BioCytex

  63. Biodesign International
    - a large and comprehensive on-line, searchable catalog

  64. Biogenex

  65. BioLegend - products
    covering the areas of cell immunophenotyping, cytokines,
    adhesion, phosphorylation, cancer research, cell cycle analysis,
    and apoptosis with applications in ELISA, flow cytometry, IHC,
    IP, and bioassay

  66. BioLink International -
    cloned, expressed, and purified HIV, HCV and Syphilis antigens
    (or epitopes) for the development of diagnostic kits

  67. Biomarket

  68. Biomeda - monoclonal and
    polyclonal antibodies, secondary Antibodies, ELISA Kits, control
    slides, detection kits, flow cytometry products, histology
    products, lectins, MicroProbe systems, normal sera, and mounting

  69. Biomedica - supplier
    of endothelin and big endothelin antibodies

  70. Biomedical Technologies

  71. BIOMOL International -
    primary antibodies to a broad range of signal transduction,
    ubiquitin-proteasome, and neuroscience targets

  72. Biomondo - offering
    immunohistochemical services to companies/organisations
    creating/developing/selling antibody products by providing
    quality control, product performance assessment, and marketing
    data for their clients.

  73. BioProcessing -
    antibodies to Ca15-3, Ca27.29, breast tumor antigens, Ca125,
    ovarian tumor antigen, Ca19-9, GI tumor antigen, CEA,
    carcinoembryonic antigen, AFP,  alpha fetoprotein, Ca72.4,
    Tag-72, NSE, neuron specific enolase, Cyfra21-1, cytokeratin-19,
    PSA, prostate specific antigen using cell culture technologies.

  74. Biosense Laboratories -
    producers of antibodies and ELISA kits for the detection of
    biomarker proteins in fish. Products include monoclonal and
    polyclonal antibodies for the detection of responses to oil
    hydrocarbons, PAHs, PCBs, dioxins, endocrine disruptors, etc...

  75. Biosensis - manufacturer
    and distributor of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies,
    specializing in autophagy and neuroscience, particularly in the
    area of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease research.

  76. Biosonda - featuring
    anti-human acrosin and anti-gizzerosine antibodies and Blue
    Carrier, a highly soluble and purified carrier protein from the
    hemocyanin family

  77. BioSource International
    - develops, manufactures, markets and distributes monoclonal and
    polyclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, custom
    oligonucleotides and quantitative cDNA amplification kits for
    the study of immunology and molecular biology.

  78. BiosPacific - antibodies
    and antigens for the development of diagnostic assays

  79. Biostride - monoclonal
    and polyclonal antibodies to drugs of abuse, environmental
    compounds, hormones and steroids, tumor markers, infectious
    diseases, therapeutic drugs, and other

  80. BioSupply UK - ELISA
    kits and antibodies

  81. (The) Biotech Source
    - supplying bulk antibodies & antigens for human, animal,
    environmental, plant and other diagnostic applications since
    1982. They have all of the remaining Pel-Freez second antibody
    inventory in stock.

  82. Biotrend - a
    searchable online catalogue of antibodies

  83. Biovendor Laboratory

  84. Bioventix - manufactures
    and supplies a range of antibodies to hormones, growth factors
    and tumour markers. Their speciality is to make high-affinity
    sheep monoclonal antibodies to "difficult targets" particularly
    where conventional rodent monoclonal antibodies have failed.

  85. BIOZOL
    a supplier of more
    than 55,000 antibodies (primary polyclonal and monoclonal
    antibodies, secondary antibodies and their conjugates)

  86. BMA Biomedical - monoclonal
    antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, and ELISA kits for macrophage
    and inflammation typing in mouse, human and rats

  87. Boston Biochem

    - antibodies and assay
    kits for the ubiquitin proteasome pathway

  88. Brendan Scientific -
    makers of StatLIA, software for the statistical analysis of
    immunoassay data

  89. Brighter Ideas -
    specializing in anti-GFP polyclonal antibodies raised in rabbits
    and chickens. Antibodies are produced using high purity native
    Aequoria victoria GFP protein as the antigen, not the
    recombinant protein. Brighter Ideas also sponsors
    course in protein purification
    through the Center for
    Research and Education in Bioluminescence and Biotechnology

  90. Calbiochem -
    distributor of an extensive range of monoclonal and polyclonal
    antibodies, secondary antibodies and their conjugates, plus many
    accessory products for immunoassay and immunoseparation.

  91. Caltag - antibodies to cell
    markers for flow cytometric applications

  92. Cambio

  93. Cambridge BioScience
    - the UK distributor for a number of research antibody
    manufacturers including Affinity Bioreagents, Assay Designs,
    Biolegend, Covance, Imgenex, Southern Biotech, and Stressgen

  94. CanAg Diagnostics - a
    biotechnology company specialising in the development of
    specific reagents (monoclonal antibodies) and laboratory tests
    that can be used for sensitive and specific determination of
    tumor markers and biochemical markers of brain disease

  95. Capralogics - research
    antibodies to chemokines and for other areas of cell biology

  96. Capricorn Products
    - manufacturer and distributor of immunodiagnostic products
    including monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to infectious
    diseases, hormones. steroids, tumor markers, and serum proteins.

  97. Cayman Chemical Company
    - antibodies and assays for research in the areas of
    inflammation, apoptosis, cancer, neuroscience, nitric oxide,
    oxidative stress, obesity, and more.

  98. Cedarlane Laboratories
    - monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against human, mouse,
    rat, and other animal antigens for various applications.   Bulk
    pricing is available.  Supporting reagents such as cell
    separation media, cell purification kits, complement and isotype
    controls are also offered.

  99. Celartia- makers of cell
    culture devices that require no carbon dioxide, are not affected
    by environmental humidity, and optimize growth media additives.

  100. Cell Marque - an
    international manufacturer and supplier of antibodies and
    support services for the application of immunohistochemistry

  101. Cell Sciences -
    supplier of affinity purified anti-cytokine antibodies; and
    large panels of monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies,
    and kits to detect human, mouse and rat molecules playing key
    roles in the immune system (CDs, cytokines and adhesion

  102. Cell Signaling Technology
    - developer and manufacturer of activation-state antibodies for
    the study of MAP kinase signaling, apoptosis, AKT and PKC
    pathway signaling, chromatin regulation, receptor tyrosine
    kinases and docking proteins, translation control, cell
    cycle/checkpoint control, extracellular matrix signaling and a
    number of additional signaling pathways.

  103. Cemines - antibodies
    against transcription factors

  104. Chang Bioscience -
    makers of Abie Pro, software to design peptide antigens

  105. Chemicon International -
    wide selection of antibodies and an easily searchable online

  106. Chemokine - antibodies
    against chemokines, cytokines and signaling molecules

  107. CHIMERx - sells the only
    commercially available source of SV 40 Large T Antigen. CHIMERx
    also does custom microplate and hybridoma production.

  108. Clonegene - antibodies
    to HuR, HuD, CdC6, and Dicer

  109. Clontech - provider of
    GFP, GAL4, cell cycle, phosphoamino acid, phosphokeratin, and
    other antibodies, as well as many other innovative molecular and
    cell biology-related products

  110. Cortex Biochem -
    manufacturer and provider of life science reagents for research
    and industry including primary and secondary antibodies and
    magnetizable particles

  111. Cosmo Bio Company - an
    international biotechnology distributor, specializing in the
    import and export of antibodies to Japan. They carry a wide
    range of antibodies.

  112. Covance Research Products -
    epitope tag, cellular marker, cytoskeletal & cell surface
    protein, and signal transduction antibodies

  113. Cytolab - cytokines and
    anti-cytokine antibodies

  114. Cytopulse - makers of
    the Pulse Agile cell fusion system which is designed to increase
    hybridoma yields from 10 to 50 times versus PEG fusion

  115. Cytoshop - specializing
    in monoclonal anti-cytokine and chemokine antibodies

  116. CytoStore

  117. Dako - A Danish company with
    over 1,000 products related to antibodies and antibody
    technology, including clinical immunohistochemistry, flow
    cytometry, immunocytochemistry, hybridization, microbiology,
    primary polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, secondary
    antibodies and their conjugates along with some accessory

  118. Deltabiolabs -
    antibodies to a broad range of signaling proteins. Areas of
    research include apoptosis, protein kinase, cell cycle, and
    transcription regulation.

  119. Dendritics - makers of
    a large variety of monoclonal antibodies to facilitate the
    characterization of DC phenotype and function, in the
    steady-state, in animal models, and in human disease. Their
    monoclonal antibodies allow analysis of DC subtypes, C-type
    lectin receptors (CLRs), Toll-like receptors (TLRs), DC
    migration, cytokines and cytokine receptors, antigen processing/
    presentation, allergy. For ethic reasons, DENDRITICS antibodies
    are produced in vitro in high density cell line.

  120. Development Studies
    Hybridoma Bank
    - monoclonal antibodies useful for studies in
    developmental and cell biology

  121. Diaclone - Diaclone
    produces over 1200+ monoclonal antibodies and kits (ELISAs,
    ELISPOTs) against human,  rat and mouse cytokines, cytokine
    receptors, cell adhesions molecules, CD antigens, apoptosis
    markers, and stem cells.

  122. Diagnostic BioSystems -
    monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies, detection systems,
    and accessory products for the immunohistochemistry market

  123. Diagnostic Systems Laboratories
    - IGF and IGFBP polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies

  124. Diasorin - large
    selection of antibodies. Use their product locator wizard to
    find your antibody.

  125. Diatec - (IS0 9001)
    monoclonal antibodies for in vitro research. Antibodies
    (unconjugated and conjugated with FITC, PE, biotin, and APC) are
    mainly against markers for leukemias and lymphomas.

  126. Dolfin - antigens and
    test kits for diagnosing Q-fever and Chlamydia

  127. Dutch Diagnostics

    - a worldwide (OEM)
    distributor of immunodiagnostic products for use in clinical
    laboratories including reagents (ELISA, rapid tests, latex
    agglutination) and instruments (urine analyzers, coagulation,

  128. East Coast Biologics
    - manufacturer and supplier of antigens, antibodies and
    specialized immunoassay reagents for the diagnostic
    manufacturing industry worldwide. They manufacture SEA BLOCK™, a
    fish plasma based, non-mammalian blocking reagent supplied in
    PBS for diagnostic systems involving membrane or other solid
    phase material.

  129. eBioscience - tools
    for mouse and human immunology and cytokine research

  130. eEnzyme - affinity
    purified rabbit polyclonal antibodies and viral recombinant
    proteins for infectious disease research, for example HIV/SIV,
    Influenza, Hepatitis, SARS, HSV

  131. Echelon Research
    - phosphoinositide monoclonal antibodies

  132. ECM Biosciences -
    Antibodies for monitoring site-specific phosphorylation and

  133. EnCor Biotechnology
    -specializing in monoclonal antibodies to yeast proteins and
    mammalian cytoskeletal proteins, including chicken antibodies
    suitable for double and triple label immunocytochemistry

  134. Endocrine Technologies

  135. Enzo Biochem - monoclonal
    antibodies for immunopathology

  136. Epitomics - rabbit
    monoclonal antibodies focusing on apoptosis, cell signaling,
    GPCR, kinases, transcription factors. Phospho specific
    antibodies are also available.

  137. ePitope
    - an Internet-based, applied bioinformatics
    company specialising in the prediction and analysis of protein B
    cell epitopes

  138. Eurogentec

  139. Exalpha - Manufacturer of
    monoclonal and polyclonal antibody reagents, CD markers,
    proliferation assay kits, and ELISAs. Product lines include;
    apoptosis, cancer, neurobiology, GPCR's, G proteins, hormone
    receptors, protein pags, cell cycle, ion channel,
    phosphotyrosine, transcription factors and cytokines.

  140. EXBIO Praha - monoclonal
    antibodies (human CD, human MHC, cytoskeletal proteins,
    signaling molecules and many others) manufactured from cells to
    final products (purified mAbs, ascites, culture supernate)

  141. Euroclone - Monoclonal
    antibodies to human CD antigens, cytokines, and apoptosis
    markers. Also, ELISPOT and ELISA kits and reagents to human,
    mouse, and rat cytokines; soluble immunity mediators; and
    apoptosis soluble markers.

  142. Euro-Diagnostica

  143. Everest Biotech -
    affinity-purified goat antibodies against novel targets focused
    on human disease. EB produces antibodies against targets related
    to cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, obesity,
    neurodegenerative diseases, and schizophrenia.

  144. EY Laboratories

  145. FabGennix Int.

  146. First Phase
    - specializing in custom antibody and tissue
    microarrays. They use state of the art printing technologies to
    print your antibodies on diagnostic substrates

  147. Fitzgerald Industries

  148. Fortron Bio Science -
    secondary antibodies to chicken, goat, human, mouse, rabbit,
    rat, and sheep IgG, as well as Protein A purified

  149. Fusion Antibodies
    - specializing in antibodies for cell signalling, cancer and
    infectious disease targets, neurobiology, and DNA repair

  150. G-Biosciences - a
    supplier of products for antibody production and purification. 
    Items include HOOK™ Peptide coupling kits, carrier proteins,
    HOOK™ Agarose coupling kits for the production of affinity
    columns, Protein A and Protein G for the purification of

  151. Gallus Immunotech
    - chicken derived antibody (IgY) related products including IgY
    purification kits and chicken anti-species antibodies. Over 250
    articles on avian antibodies are now accessible via their

  152. GEMAC - specializing in
    the immunochemistry of conjugated small-sized molecules.
    Chemical manipulation of neurotransmitter-like molecules such as
    indolealkylamines or indoleamines, catecholamines, aminoacids
    and their derivates have enabled Gemac to raise polyclonal and
    monoclonal antibodies against these molecules and against
    conjugated polyamines, antioxidants, fatty acids and

  153. Genesis Biotech -
    hundreds of catalog antibodies to tumor markers (TEM, PRL-3),
    growth factors, G-protein receptors, SARS-Co-V, influenza A
    virus, and antibodies for the study of human/animal diseases and
    oxidative stress (8-OH dG)

  154. Genex - a supplier
    of antibody reagents, tissue microarray, kits, and immunological
    speciality chemicals

  155. Genhot Laboratories

  156. Genway Biotech -
    developers of a library of human gene-specific avian polyclonal
    (IgY) antibodies. GenWay provides custom antibody production and
    contract services for screening the antibodies against normal or
    disease tissue or cellular samples. GenWay also provides the
    related products and services such as secondary antibodies,
    antibody conjugates, and customer services for development of
    antibody-based multiplex assays.

  157. Goodwin
    Institute for Cancer Research
    - monoclonal antibodies
    against the herpes simplex virus (HSV) and the human
    cytomegalovirus (HCMV). Note: These antibodies are now sold by

  158. Good Biotech - "the
    duck biofactory" - duck antibodies and IgY-based diagnostic
    reagents (ELISA; latex-enhanced turbidimetric assay)

  159. GloboZymes -
    specializing in the area of signal transduction related

  160. Green Mountain Antibodies
    - antibodies to coagulation and fibrinolysis proteins

  161. Hampton Research -
    makers of a low ionic screening kit useful for the
    crystallization of intact monoclonal antibodies

  162. Haematologic Technologies
    - suppliers of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies (also in
    labeled form) directed toward blood coagulation proteins

  163. Anti-herpes antibodies
    - non-commercial source available to
    collaborating researchers

  164. Histoline Laboratoires -
    anticorpi and reagenti. An Italian antibody company.

  165. HyCult Biotechnology -
    antibodies, assays and proteins for immunology and cell biology
    research with a special focus on innate immunity, endotoxin and
    microbial toxins, cell and tissue damage, tight junctions, and
    oxidation markers

  166. Hydros - onsite diagnostic
    test kits for plant pathogens, pollutants

  167. Hypomatrix - antibody
    arrays for detecting protein-protein interactions and
    posttranslational modifications.

  168. HyTest - makers and sellers
    of cardiac markers, neuroscience, infectious, and autoimmune
    disease reagents



  1. Imgenex

    - a leading provider of innovative research reagents
    to novel proteins and biomarkers. Their site
    includes award winning Google enhanced search
    functionally and a product specific Knowledgebase
    with answers to questions that researchers ask most.

  2. GeneTex

    - manufactures and distributes over 23,000 primary and secondary
    antibodies, cell/tissue lysates, DNA/RNA/oligos, IHC reagents
    and kits, isotype controls, proteins, peptides, research
    reagents, and serum products


  3. IBT - develops,
    manufactures, and distributes antibodies, recombinant
    proteins and immunoassays, mainly in the field of
    insulin-like growth factors (IGF´s) and insulin-like growth
    factor binding proteins (IGFBP´s)

  4. IDS - makers of specialized
    immunohistochemical (IHC) antibodies including those for bone
    related markers

  5. IMMCO Diagnostics
    - makers of autoimmune controls and secondary conjugates.
    They provide immunohistochemical and ELISA reagents for the
    detection of autoimmune related disorders.

  6. Immuno-Biological
    - an international supplier of reagents and
    assays for research and clinical diagnostics

  7. Immunodiagnostik
    - antibodies for medical research and diagnostics, including
    calcium and bone metabolism, heart and cardiovascular
    diseases. Also, antibodies to thymus-peptides and hormones.

  8. ImmunoGlobe

  9. ImmunoKontact -
    antibodies for cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, cell
    signaling, phosphorylation, TLR, sumo, apoptosis, cell
    proliferation, DNA damage, and stress response

  10. Immunology Consultants
    - producer of monoclonal and polyclonal
    antibodies for veterinary diagnostics (FeLV, FIV, distemper,
    canine IgE), human infectious disease antigens and
    antibodies (dengue, Chagas, T.B, rubella), and affinity
    purified polyclonal antibodies and conjugates to animal and
    human proteins.

  11. Immunometrics -
    tube based immunoassay kits and a range of primary reagents

  12. Immuno-Precise
    - anti-salmonid antibodies

  13. Immunostar -
    specializing in antibodies and peptide controls for neuroscience
    applications, product offering also includes antibodies to
    pancreatic hormones and peptide controls, gastrointestinal
    hormones and peptide controls, catecholamine enzyme markers, and

  14. Immunostep -
    manufacturer and distributor of antibodies to cell human
    markers for flow cytometric applications. Supplying bulk
    antibodies conjugated in a variety of fluorochromes

  15. ImmunoTools -
    manufacturer and distributor of antibodies to cell markers
    for flow cytometric applications, anti-cytokine antibodies,
    ELISA, and more

  16. Immunsystem - offers a
    Protein A ELISA kit and chicken antibody products in application
    areas covering research, human therapy, and diagnostics.
    Immunsystem has been working with chicken antibodies since 1983.

  17. Immuquest -
    antibodies against proteins involved in cell
    cycle/signalling, checkpoint control, nuclear envelope pore
    and transport, RNA binding (hnRNP), neuroscience, and
    various disease states.

  18. Innogenex - makers of
    well-characterized antibodies and probes, as well as
    powerful detection systems for in vitro and in situ analysis
    of gene expression. Innogenex products are designed for for
    applications such as in situ hybridization,
    immunohistochemistry, ELISA, Western blots, Southern blots
    and Northern blots.

  19. Innova
    - services for the rapid optimization of
    conjugates using labeling technology that requires only
    microgram quantities of antibody. The company also offers
    single-step labelling kits (30 seconds hands-on time) for
    customers who wish to reduce the number of wash steps in
    immunoassays by directly labelling their primary antibody.

  20. Innovation Automation -
    software for immunochemistry data management and reporting

  21. Innovex - offers over 250
    antibodies all suitable for paraffin staining sections and with
    3 years of shelf life. They also manufacture innovative STAT
    staining kits and specialize in staining enhancement reagents
    and background blocking agents such as Background Buster and Fc
    Receptor Blocker.

  22. Insight
    - cytokine, CD, cell biology, and
    secondary antibodies

  23. Invitek - antibodies
    against matrix metalloproteinases (MT1-MMP, MT2-MMP, MT3-MMP,

  24. Invitrogen
    - innovative products for gene expression and analysis.
    Products include a line of antibodies which detect
    epitope-tagged fusion proteins produced by a wide variety of
    expression vectors and systems which utilize recombinant
    antibody technology.

  25. IQ Products - flow
    cytometry reagents for research and diagnostics, including a
    TGF-beta R-PE kit, a fetal cell count kit, and dual color
    feto-maternal hemorrhage diagnosis kit

  26. Isconova - providers of
    ready-to-use and safe adjuvants for the production of monoclonal
    and polyclonal antibodies


  27. Jackson
    ImmunoResearch Laboratories
    - specializes in the
    production and conjugation of affinity-purified, secondary
    antibodies and purified immunoglobulins

  28. Jackson Laboratory - buy
    your mice here

  29. KCH Scientific -
    antibodies and antigens for infectious diseases such as
    hepatitis and HIV

  30. Kirkegaard & Perry
    - suppliers (for over 20 years) of a wide
    variety of secondary and labeled antibodies

  31. Kordia Laboratory Supplies
    - antibodies to animal and human proteins

  32. Lab Vision Corporation
    - antibodies for cancer research

  33. LabFrontier Life Science
    - antibodies with specificity against various
    antioxidant proteins

  34. LAE Biotechnology Company

  35. Lake Placid Biologicals -
    antibodies for studying chromatin and the biology of the
    nucleus.  Antibodies have been designed for applications such as
    chromatin IP, immunofluorescence and Western blot.

  36. Lampire Biological

  37. Lee BioSolutions -
    specializing in the development and purification of high quality
    biomarkers for the immunodiagnostic, clinical diagnostic, and
    pharmaceutical industries

  38. Leinco Technologies - a
    large, searchable selection of antibodies (>400)

  39. Life Technologies -
    producer of GIBCO BRL products and various immunological
    reagents (now Invitrogen)

  40. Linco Research -
    makers of immunoassays for research in human diabetes and

  41. Maine
    Biotechnology Services
    - an extensive offering of bulk
    and OEM antibody products are available

  42. MBL International -
    supplier of monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, and
    kits for cell biology, apoptosis, signal transduction,
    cytokines, neuroscience and cell surface antibodies

  43. Medicago

  44. Mediclone
    - antibodies for blood typing

  45. Medix Biochemica
    - monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic applications

  46. MedSystems
    - offers antibodies (and ELISAs) in the field of
    adhesion molecules, apoptosis, cytokines, tumor biology

  47. Meso Scale Discovery - a
    vendor of protein biomarker immunoassays spanning cytokines,
    cell-signaling, and broad therapeutic areas, such as oncology,
    cardiac, metabolic, and Alzheimer’s disease

  48. Microbix - an
    international supplier of antibodies and antigens for EBV, CMV,
    HSV, VZV, HAV, RSV, paraflu, adeno, flu, Rubella, vaccinia,
    chlamydia, toxo, RSV, measles, mycoplasma, Dengue, West Nile,
    and Borrelia

  49. MicroPharm Ltd. -
    makers of a variety of antisera for diagnostics and research

  50. Microtek International
    - more than 30 polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to fish
    proteins and fish pathogens (bacterial, viral, and parasitic).
    Microtek also produces antibody conjugated latex beads for
    agglutination detection of pathogens.

  51. MilleGen

  52. Miltenyi Biotec -
    supplier of fluorochrome-conjugated and unconjugated antibodies
    for the immunofluorescent analysis of murine, human, and
    non-human primate cells. Products include unique antibodies and
    kits for stem cell and dendritic cell research. All MACS®
    Control antibodies are optimized for the evaluation of cell
    fractions separated by MACS® technology.

  53. MitoSciences -
    developer and marketer of mitochondria specific monoclonal
    antibodies and research kits

  54. MoBiTec - antibodies
    for cell- and neurobiology, apoptosis and signal

  55. ModiQuest

  56. Molecular Innovations
    - antibodies to plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 and tissue
    plasminogen activator

  57. Molecular Probes
    - antibodies tagged with fluorescent molecules or
    fluorescent molecules that can be used as antibody tags.
    Their online catalogue is also a great reference source on
    the properties and uses of fluorescent molecules.

  58. MP Biomedicals - offering of
    a broad line of monoclonal and polyclonal primary and secondary

  59. Mubio Products -
    antibodies to a.o. nuclear proteins, cytoskeletal proteins,
    cell-adhesion molecules, and membrane-associated proteins in
    the ER, sarcoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria and tumor
    associated antigens

  60. NatuTec

  61. Neoclone - antibodies
    to RNA transcriptional factors

  62. Neuromics -
    antibodies for the neuroscience community

  63. New England Biolabs -
    signal transduction antibodies

  64. Novus
    - supplier of primary antibodies. Current
    areas of focus include DNA repair, cancer markers and
    neuroscience reagents.

  65. Nordic Immunological
    - a Dutch company offering over 1500 antibodies
    to human and animal immunoglobulins, enzymes, and other proteins

  66. Norrin Laboratories -
    specializing in the manufacture and distribution of three major
    antibodies and their conjugates for research use: anti-human
    cytokeratin, anti-human melanoma, and anti-human muscle actin

  67. OEM Concepts -
    antibodies and antigens for diagnostic applications. In
    addition, antibodies to food borne pathogens are also

  68. Open Biosystems -
    antibodies against GFP, TAP, polyhistadine, GST;  secondary
    antibodies labeled with AP, HRP, APC, TRITC, FITC, Rhodamine,
    Texas Red; and control antibodies for RNAi

  69. Orbigen

  70. Pacific Immunology
    - makers of AdjuLite® Adjuvants

  71. Pall Corporation - makers
    of a broad selection of membranes and filters for use in
    protein purification

  72. PBL Biomedical
    - anti-interferon antibodies

  73. Peprotech -
    cytokine products that include monoclonal and polyclonal

  74. PerkinElmer Life Sciences
    - antibodies for use in the DELFIA® and LANCE™ labelling
    technologies based on the time-resolved fluorometry principle of
    lanthanide chelates and antibody coated plates for DELFIA®

  75. Perseus Proteomics -
    monoclonal antibodies against 48 different nuclear hormone

  76. Phoenix
    - specializing in peptides, polyclonal
    peptide antibodies, and peptide related immunology

  77. Pierce Chemical Company
    - Pierce sells a variety of anti-antibodies, products to
    facilitate protein conjugation, ELISA reagents, etc...

  78. PlasmaLab International,
    - collecters and suppliers of normal and disease
    state human plasma for use in research and in-vitro
    diagnostics. Their main focus is in the areas of autoimmune
    and allergic disorders.

  79. Polymun Scientific -
    monoclonal antibodies against HIV-1 and human Cu/Zn superoxide
    dismutase (SOD)

  80. Polysciences -
    primary antibodies to Transcription factors, enzymes,
    collagens, cell cycle proteins and more

  81. PRF&L - makers of labeled
    and unlabeled secondary antibodies

  82. Pro-Chem -
    manufacturer of high-speed Protein A, G and L spin columns
    for rapid and simple antibody purification and
    immunoprecipitation. The columns purify up to 40 mgs of
    antibody per column in a standard swing bucket centrifuge.

  83. Promab Biotechnologies -
    antibody products for cytokine, infectious disease, and
    pathology research

  84. Promega Corporation -
    primary antibodies to phosphorylated (active) kinases,
    growth factors, neurotrophic factors, transcription factors
    as well as a selection of labeled secondary antibodies

  85. ProSciTech -
    specialist microscopy suppliers. Large range of immunogold
    products for light and electron microscopy.

  86. ProSci -
    affinity-purified, peptide-specific polyclonal antibodies to
    novel antigens in fields such as apoptosis, P53 network,
    HIV/chemokine receptors, signal transduction, neurobiology, and

  87. Proteogenix -
    antibodies for immunohistochemistry (e.g., D2-40, Hip-1,
    prion, beta-amyloid) andcell cycle antibodies (e.g., Ki-67,
    p21, p16, Daxx) as well as a large selection of CD markers.
    Conjugated markers for immunofluorescence are also

  88. Protos Immunoresearch
    - specializing in antibody Fab fragments and affinity
    purified antibodies

  89. QED Biosciences -
    antibodies for cancer markers, apoptosis, neuroscience, signal
    transduction, infectious disease, drug monitoring, coagulation
    factors, serum proteins, enzymes, and more

  90. Quidel Corporation -
    autoimmune and complement products including monoclonals,
    EIA kits, and antisera

  91. R&D Systems -
    antibodies for cytokines, growth factors, signal transduction,
    stem cells, apoptosis, neuroscience, development, proteases, &

  92. Randox -
    clinical chemistry reagents and analysers, quality controls, and
    a range of related products including polyclonal antibodies

  93. Research Diagnostics
    - distributor of antibodies, cytokines, and other fine

  94. Repligen - protein A
    technologies and ELISA kits

  95. Roboscreen -
    antibodies and proteins for BSE and TSE research

  96. Rockland
    - produces both primary and secondary
    antibodies for all immunological assays including ELISA,
    immunoblotting, immunohistochemisty and immunomicroscopy

  97. Sanquin - a
    manufacturer of blood group and immune reagents. Sanquin has
    developed a broad range of reagents, including several
    products for diagnostic use and for basic and clinical

  98. Scottish Agricultural Science Agency
    - monoclonal
    antibody reagents to be used in ELISA testing for plant
    viruses. Their main area of expertise is potato virus
    detection but they also have reagents for other plant


  99. Seramon - unique and
    rare rodent and human monoclonal antibodies for research and
    diagnostic purposes

  100. Seven Hills
    - monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to
    lung-associated and muscle-related antigens developed at the
    Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation

  101. Sigma Chemical
    - browse this online catalog for a wide
    selection of antibodies

  102. Signature
    - anti-amino acid antibodies for
    neurobiological and cell biological research. This site also
    includes protocols, product information, and guides to
    state-of-the-art methods in imaging and immunocytochemistry

  103. Signet Laboratories
    - suppliers of a wide selection of antibodies for use on
    formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded specimens, frozen and
    cytology specimens, as well as in flow cytometry,
    immunoprecipitation and immunoblot procedures

  104. Silver Lake
    - antibodies for small molecules, including
    antibiotics, pesticides, other drug

  105. Solulink - easy to
    use conjugation kits and services for antibody conjugation,
    peptide conjugation, or label conjugations

  106. SPI-BIO - supplier of a
    wide variety of antibodies including those for prions and

  107. Statens Serum
    - polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies against
    a range of different antigens available including antibodies
    for typing of various bacterial species such as
    Streptococcus, Pneumococcus, Salmonella enterica and
    Escherichia coli.

  108. StemCell Technologies
    - purified and fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies are
    available to complement StemCell's spectrum of
    cell separation and media products.  Also available are a
    number of specialized kits, including Epo ELISA, ALDEFLUOR™
    (for stem and progenitor cell identification), and TetraTag™
    (for PE labeling of antibodies).

  109. Sterogene Bioseparations
    - chromatography media for the purification of antibodies
    and proteins from culture, serum, ascites, etc...

  110. Structure Probe, Inc. (SPI)
    - supplier of gold conjugates, both conjugated and
    unconjugated, for electron and light microscopy and blotting

  111. SWant - antibodies
    against calcium binding proteins, insulin like growth
    factors, components of the renin-angiotensin system, and

  112. Synaptic Systems GmbH -
    antibodies for the neuroscientist

  113. Terra Nova Biotechnology
    - anti-HLA monoclonal antibodies

  114. TiterMax - an
    adjuvant alternative to Freund's complete adjuvant

  115. Trevigen - makers of
    several interesting antibodies including: anti-UVssDNA,
    anti-poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase , anti-poly(ADP-ribose)
    polymer, anti-mouse Bcl-2, anti-human Bcl-2, anti-mouse
    Bcl-XL, anti-mouse Bax, anti-human Bax, anti-human Bax,
    anti-human glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase

  116. Trillium Diagnostics
    - makers of monoclonal antibodies (e.g., CD64 clones 22 ans
    32.2 and CD163 clones MAC-158, MAC2-48, and R20.s) and
    diagnostic test kits (e.g., FETALtrol - an FDA
    approved tri-level stabilized blood control for
    fetal-maternal hemorrhage quantification and Leuko64 - a kit
    for the detection of sepsis and tissue damage)

    The monoclonals are CD64 clones 22 ans 32.2 and CD163 clones
    MAC-158, MAC2-48, and R20.s

  117. Triple Point
    - antibodies to MMPs (matrix
    metalloproteinases), TIMPs (tissue inhibitor of
    metalloproteinases), calpains, ADAMs proteinases, and BMP

  118. Tulip Biolabs -
    antibodies for PARP and poly(ADP-ribose) research

  119. United States Biological
    - supplier of over 30,000 antibodies and antigens

  120. Vector Laboratories
    - makers of high quality affinity purified antibodies and
    antibody conjugates. Vector is also the exclusive US
    distributor of quality monoclonal/polyclonal primary
    antibodies from Novocastra.

  121. Venom Supplies -
    polyclonal antibodies to snake venom

  122. Ventana Medical Systems

  123. Virusys - anti-virus

  124. Vision BioSystems -
    provides total systems solutions to the histology market

  125. VMRD - veterinary related
    monoclonal antibodies and more

  126. Wako Pure Chemical
    - Japanese website. For the version in English,
    click here.

  127. WolwoBiotech Company
    - antibodies against tumor-related antigens, adhesion and ECM
    molecules, immune response regulators, and tissue specific

  128. Yorkshire Bioscience -
    mAbs against CD markers, viruses, ILs, Interferons, LDL, MDA,
    parainfluenza, TNFs, Von Willebrand Factor, human complement
    proteins, mouse antigens, and Taq and Tth DNA polymerases

  129. Zer Hitech - a ISO
    9001 accredited company in the diagnostic field which
    develops, manufactures, and markets a range of one step,
    rapid and Elisa diagnostic tests to research and medical



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