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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Nanotechnology: A Gentle Introduction to the Next Big Idea

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By Mark A. Ratner
, Daniel Ratner

Published 2003
Prentice Hall PTR

Technology & Industrial

208 pages

ISBN 0131014005


Nanotechnology: A Gentle Introduction to the Next Big Idea By Mark A. Ratner, Daniel Ratner

An explanation of what Nanotechnology is all about and its business aspects written in an approachable and witty style.-- Nanotechnology's impact will reach beyond science to touch our everyday health, work, and businesses.-- Explains the federal dollars going into nanotechnology research and discusses why the NSF has estimated that it could be a $1 trillion market by 2015.This book is the technical and business overview of tomorrow's scientific breakthrough. The authors survey the scientific research and business aspects of the field, try to explain the key concepts, provide a look at current developments, and give some thoughts on where nanotechnology is likely to go in the next few years. The focus of the book is on science and technology, but business is discussed as well. The growing interest in nanotechnology by the investment community and the federal dollars going into nanotechnology are explained. Nanotechnology, or, as it is sometimes called, molecular manufacturing, is a branch of engineering that deals with the design and manufacture of extremely small electronic circuits and mechanical devices built at the molecular level of matter. Nanotechnology holds promise in the quest for ever-more-powerful computers and communications devices. But the most fascinating applications are in medical science. Nanorobots might serve as programmable antibodies. As disease-causing bacteria and viruses mutate in their endless attempts to get around medical treatments, nanorobots could be reprogrammed to selectively seek out and destroy them.

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