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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Locked Nucleic Acid-based arrays

The next generation of Exiqon's popular Locked Nucleic Acid-based arrays - the miRCURYTM LNA microRNA Array - is now available. With unmatched specificity, you can conduct expression profiling of a comprehensive range of microRNAs from any organism you like - vertebrates, invertebrates, plants and viruses, with unmatched sensitivity (sample from just 30 ng total RNA). You even have access to 150 proprietary microRNAs unavailable elsewhere (miRPlusTM). Our microRNA array platform is part of Exiqon's miRCURYTM product line, the most complete range of tools for microRNA analysis available today. The miRCURYTM tools enable you to seek, find and verify microRNAs - and to accelerate your discoveries.

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