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Friday, 28 March 2008

New DUALmembrane kit

Find novel interaction partners for your integral membrane protein!
With the DUALmembrane kit you can screen full-length, integral membrane proteins and membrane-associated proteins against a cDNA library of your choice to identify novel interaction partners of your protein of interest.

Features of the DUALmembrane kit 3
Screen full-length integral membrane proteins for interactors in vivo
Protein interactions are detected under physiological conditions at the membrane
Novel interactors are identified through screening of cDNA libraries
Easy subcloning of full-length cDNA inserts using Sfi I technology
NMY51 reporter strain with improved stringency, resulting in fewer false positives
Trial size HTX β-galactosidase assay kit included (2x 96 reactions)

DUALmembrane starter package
Take advantage of the DUALmembrane starter package to get quickly started: it includes the DUALmembrane kit 3 and two additional kits for easy quantitative determination of β-galactosidase levels and efficient library scale yeast transformation.

The DUALmembrane starter package includes:

DUALmembrane kit 3
Standard size HTX β-galactosidase assay kit (4x 96 reactions)
DS Yeast transformation kit

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