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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Reproducibility in Protein Biomarker Research WEBINAR

Reproducibility in Protein Biomarker Research WEBINAR

Please join our panel of experts on 5 December 2007 for a live online
educational seminar, "Tackling Reproducibility Issues in Mass
Spectrometry-based Biomarker Discovery."

Submit your questions LIVE to the experts during the webinar!

Date: Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Time: 12:00 noon EST; 9:00 am PST; 5 pm GMT
Duration: 1 hour

Register now! For more information and complimentary registration visit:

Mass spectrometry is an extremely powerful and sensitive technology that
can detect very small changes in expression levels. Some of these
changes may stem from the biological differences related to a disease or
treatment of interest. Others, however, may reflect the heterogeneity of
patients across multiple sites, the inherent biological complexity and
diversity of different sample types, and even small differences in
sample collection, processing, handling, and analysis techniques used by
multiple operators across multiple locations. As a consequence, data may
be tainted by site-, study-, population-, or sample-specific anomalies
and, therefore, not be sufficiently robust for biomarker discovery.

Join our panel of experts in a live, audience-driven Q&A as they discuss
how to overcome these reproducibility issues to generate less biased and
more reliable results. Questions for the panel can be submitted live
through your viewing console.


Martin Latterich, Ph.D.
Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Montreal
Montreal, Canada

Timothy D. Veenstra, Ph.D.
SAIC-Frederick, Inc.
National Cancer Institute at Frederick
Frederick , MD

Toni Whistler, Ph.D.
Chronic Viral Diseases Branch
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Atlanta, GA

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