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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

How to make 1x from 10x

Simple Way to make Easy Dilutions - how to make 1x solution from 10x solution

10x means 10 Times concentrated. If you want to make 1x then you have to dilute it 10 time. For Example. To make 10 ml of 1x solution in water. You need take 1 ml of solution [10px] and mix with 9 ml of water. Final total volume is now 10 ml [10 times of 1ml] Done :)

Theoretical Way to make dilutions

You should use the formula Ci Vi = Cf V



Make 20 ul of 1X restriction enzyme buffer from a 10X stock.

        10X stock *  X  =  1X stock *  20 ul

                     X = (1X stock *  20 ul) / 10X stock

                     X = 2.0 ul 10X stock
                       +18.0 ul of H2O


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