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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

TEM-PCR Method,Technology and Testing

What is TEM-PCR Technology?

The TEM-PCR stands for Target Enriched Multiplexing Polymerase Chain Reaction. TEM-PCR is a molecular multiplex PCR technology used Molecular Differential Detection. By TEM-PCR the molecular targets can be amplified in one reaction. This technology is advantageous over the RT-PCR Technology because multiple molecular targets can be amplified specifically in a single reaction. This makes it a important tool for detection of molecular markers of pathogens.

In last few years improvements have been done in this technology. Benson et. al. compared the ResPlex I assay kit of Qiagen with RT-PCR in the detection of various bacterial strains of respiratory disease and found that it is less sensitive than real-time PCR but has advantage over multiple assays [ref]. Deng et. al. detected more S. pneumoniae (32 vs. 7) and H. influenzae (29 vs. 23) by TEM-PCR than did culture [ref]. Related: Overlap Extension PCR

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